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Southwest Soccer Academy

Southwest is a year-round academy based in Waterloo region.  Our goal is to be a leader in grassroots soccer by focusing on the training and development of young athletes while delivering a high level of organization and instruction for players ages 5 to 12.

Our programs assist young athletes in developing a passion for sport and community by providing a safe, healthy and inclusive learning environment that extends beyond the pitch.

We believe in building relationships and delivering results, where players and parents feel appreciated and valued.

Respect – Integrity – Growth

Our Player First Development Model

NO Tryouts

We do not use tryouts as a method to select players or place them on teams. All players are welcome to join our Academy and then they are placed on a team that suits their current needs. Our goal is to develop as many players individually rather than to only collect the best players in order to put together winning teams. We believe in a holistic approach and trying to develop all players.

Training  Groups

We believe in giving athletes an opportunity to practice and play with a variety of players. Groups are not static nor are they established based on age, gender, or skill. We utilize variable group compositions such as balanced, best with best, friends and various ages to help emphasize different learning objectives. This approach helps build an inclusive learning environment that is best for overall player development.

Player First

We maintain a player-centric approach for grassroots development. This means every player comes before the group. At the grassroots stage, the focus must be on each individual player to ensure they progress technically and develop a strong understanding of how to play the game. We are not interested in creating teams that win at any cost while ignoring our key “Principles of Play”.

Coaching Standards

All coaches must complete our comprehensive Academy Coaching Course and spend time as an assistant before taking charge of their own group. Our Academy Coaches have also completed additional Canada Soccer Licenses and Certifications.

Varied Game Formats

We implement an assortment of small-sided and full field games throughout our programs. The game formats are not designed for the adult spectators or the coaches. They are used to provide the most enjoyment and learning opportunity for the players. 

Equal Opportunity

 All players who join our Academy get access to the same number of training sessions each week and are taught how to play soccer the same way based on the Fundamental Principles Of Play.

A message from our Academy Director

At United Soccer Academies, we are focussed on making sure that each athlete receives the same access to quality coaching and training.   We believe that access to quality training should not only be available to all, but affordable as well.  Our responsibility at Southwest Soccer Academy is to find each child’s strength and build upon it.

“All children can know success on and off the pitch.”

– Jon Johnson

@jonjohnson on Twitter. 

Got A Question?

We operate with a set capacity for boys and girls which is based on the facilities we have available and the number of qualified coaches we have on staff at any given time. 

Please complete the form below with your athletes details so we can check and see if we have space at this time and to send you our current Academy Membership Program.  

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